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Renee Miller, Math Content Specialist and Educational Coach, has over twenty years of experience working with students and families inside and outside of schools. Renee earned her MS In Educational Leadership and Mathematics Education from Bank Street College in New York City. Having worked in public and private schools as a classroom teacher, Math Specialist and Coach, Director of Teaching and Learning, and a Head of Lower School, Renee has built an extensive toolbox of strategies to use to help students achieve success, and she brings a wealth of knowledge to her mission of serving students and their families.

In addition to her expertise in math education, Renee has a deep understanding of human development, the science of learning, the challenges that struggling learners face, and the often asynchronous profile of precocious learners. She bases her work on the core ideals of progressive education; that children’s minds and hearts need equal tending to, that children work hard when their interests are engaged, and that children are innately curious and want to learn. Renee helps kids and families uncover the organizational and emotional struggles, and lagging skills that are getting in the way of success.

As the mom of a brilliant kid with learning challenges, Renee understands the difficulty parents face while trying to meet the needs of their children. As a teacher and school administrator, Renee understands the complexities of trying to meet the needs of diverse learners in a school setting. Renee’s work supports struggling learners who need a fresh approach to learning math, as well as consistent, individualized coaching to progress. 

Renee brings warmth, compassion, and collaboration to the table when she works with children, their families, and their learning teams. 

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