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How do you know which type of educational assistance is best for your child?

Tutors help kids improve their grades and complete assignments. 

They often review skills that have already been taught in class. Tutors can help students memorize content and study to pass a test. 

Tutors are not required to have an education-related professional background,  teaching experience, or a higher education degree.

Tutors use traditional methods of teaching in a one-size-fits-all approach. They can give individualized support to allow students to keep up with school .

In most cases, a tutor’s  background does not usually include specialized training in individualized learning strategies.

Most tutors are not trained in remediation, enrichment, or assessment strategies. They most typically cannot offer families thorough progress tracking. 

For students with complex learning profiles, a non-specialized form of tutoring could potentially do more harm than good for a struggling learner.


Content specialists have a broader focus than tutors. They provide intensive interventions and individualized lessons. They have extensive training and utilize evidence-based practices and programs.

They teach kids HOW to learn, how to study, and other key skills needed for lifelong learning. They provide students with tools to take with them into the classroom. 

Specialists work on non-academic skills like organization, problem solving, metacognition, and self-advocacy. We take a holistic approach to working with students.

Specialists foster communication and can collaborate with all significant participants in the student's learning context.

Content specialists are skilled teachers with extensive training on how to teach struggling learners, design individualized lessons, and think holistically about what students need to be successful.

Students who haven’t improved much with tutoring may want to try working with a specialist. 

Math Specialist
Working with a Specialist combines therapeutic and teaching techniques to determine what helps and hinders learning.  Students not only sharpen their academic skills but with a specialist they also have the opportunity to fine tune how they take in and access information, and learn how to self-manage.
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