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No two students learn alike. My services are completely personalized
with your child’s unique personality and learning profile in mind.


Full Circle Math was grown to support struggling learners who need a fresh approach to learning math, as well as consistent, individualized coaching to progress. 
Problem solving strategies and strong foundational skills are important for student success in mathematics. My intervention strategies help improve a student’s academic performance and also address the social and emotional aspects that impact learning.
Additionally, I teach students techniques to cope with learning and thinking differences, and to understand how these issues affect their academic performance and behavior. 
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Some kids need a more rigorous math curriculum and a learning environment that promotes high levels of engagement, academic risk taking, and student growth. My enrichment strategies foster independence, resilience, and confidence in mathematical thinking.
Students who are mathematically gifted are often visual, conceptual learners who intuitively understand math concepts well beyond their years.  Yet, they might demonstrate an uneven pattern of mathematical understanding and development. Full Circle Math offers individualized lessons to meet students where they're at. 
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Social-emotional learning, and non-academic skills like organization, problem solving, self-advocacy, time management, and growth mindset are developed along the way as part of my work with every student. 
With greater awareness of how they acquire knowledge, students learn to regulate their behavior to optimize learning. They begin to see how their strengths and weaknesses affect how they perform.
I do not help students focus on taking a specific test. However, I DO teach students how to study, prepare, and manage their time leading up to test taking. We work on reducing anxiety and preparing study materials together. I help students to develop critical reasoning skills and to analyze and break down test questions.
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Educational coaching begins with an assessment of skills. I offer different levels of evaluation, ranging in breadth and complexity, depending on a family's need. 
Overemphasizing learning deficits can be demoralizing. I use an assests-based approach - I begin with what the student knows well and advance from there.
Assessments can be used to inform an individualized growth plan, to supplement school-based assessments, or to help families make informed decisions about the most appropriate learning environment for their child.
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I deeply empathize with parents who want to provide support for their children, and I am here for them as well. I know first hand how difficult it is to identify the right tools and resources to meet the unique needs of your children, especially when they’re struggling. The parents and learners who come to me typically feel overwhelmed, tired, and at their wits' end. During our time together they often experience academic transformations, great relief, and a sense of finally being understood and supported.
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All students deserve the opportunity to develop into
creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and capable math learners.
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