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A little bit about me.

I grew up in the SF Bay Area and earned my MS in Mathematics Education and Educational Leadership from Bank Street Graduate School of Education in New York City. For 20+ years, I worked in both public and private schools, as a classroom teacher and Math Specialist. I then moved on to work as a Director of Teaching and Learning, and Head of Lower School in two different Bay Area independent schools.

I made the decision to move into private practice so that I could devote my time to doing what I love most - helping kids succeed and teaching them to find joy in math.

​As a child, I loved solving puzzles, playing with patterns, drawing precise shapes, counting, and sorting out the solutions to math problems around me. I found great joy in calculating the value of all the coins in my mother’s purse or estimating the number of holes in my classroom’s ceiling tiles. It wasn’t until middle school that I learned to fear math because I couldn’t hold onto all the rules and I wasn’t fast at completing tasks. It wasn’t until I was an undergraduate, in a math course designed for aspiring teachers, that I would begin a journey to become a math specialist that would take me full circle back to myself and back to a place of finding joy in problem solving and thinking mathematically.


In graduate school I unlocked a deep interest in math education, and committed to changing the math narrative for the clever kids who are struggling to love learning. Today I’m an avid puzzler, a committed tinkerer, and a skilled problem solver. 


When I'm not working with students, I enjoy being outside, tackling house projects with my wife and playing with my daughter. I also love cooking, and doting on my 5 chickens, Tallulah, Cinco, PJ, Marshmallow, and Cafe Con Leche. 

You can read more about my approach with kids and families...

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