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Your child might need specialized support if....

  • They aren’t completing tasks and assignments.

  • Your child complains of boredom and completes homework assignments with little or no effort. 

  • They ask for more or different math. 

  • They cannot explain their math thinking or show their work while problem solving. 

  • They seem to hyper-focus on topics that are of special interest to them. 

  • Your child knows the math well but doesn't do well on tests or assignments.  

  • Your child is not sure when or how to ask for help. 

  • Homework is a battle or causes tears. 

  • They give up easily and struggle to get started with tasks. 

  • Your child seems lost when you try to help.

  • They struggle to understand multistep or complex word problems. 

  • They aren’t sure what they’re supposed to be working on.

  • Your child says “Math is boring.” or “Math is stupid.” or “I hate math.”

  • They resist going to school.

  • They report feeling stupid or discouraged. 

  • Your child needs significant one on one support in class and at home.

  • Your child is bright but underachieving. 

  • They feel shame and anxiety about learning and math. 

  • Your child works hard but makes many mistakes. 

  • They are unreasonably hard on themselves when they make mistakes. 

  • They need to work much harder than other kids, just to keep up. 

  • They show an unusual interest in math, puzzles, and problem solving. 

  • Your child feigns illness to avoid school. 

  • They come home after school in a sullen mood. 

  • They say “Math is a waste of time.”

  • You just ‘know’ something is off.

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