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Bright math students must be supported so that they too have an opportunity to reach their full mathematical potential.


I understand the difficulty parents face while trying to meet the needs of your children. Seeing the emotional struggle and lack of enthusiasm for learning, or the push-pull of 2e learners who are so bright but have quirks that make their learning uneven, or running out of ideas and ways to feed the minds of your voracious math learners is a lot for a family to hold alone. 

One of my strengths and joys is facilitating the growth and development of gifted learners. Utilizing games, puzzles, and interesting problems to explore, I introduce students to new concepts and challenges. I help  students move forward in a fun and exciting way while also developing their attitudes, confidence, curiosity, and persistence in relation to mathematics. I understand the central role that social and emotional learning plays for gifted learners,

Many school programs are not designed well for students who need math acceleration and enrichment opportunities, leaving classroom teachers and parents to struggle to meet the needs of gifted children. Teacher training programs typically do not include courses on teaching students with exceptional math interests, and students who are talented in mathematics often demonstrate an uneven pattern of mathematical understanding and development. This asynchrony is difficult to understand for the untrained educator; "if they're gifted, why can't they multiply?" I'm here to help!

While no two students are the same, research shows that gifted students share common characteristics and behaviors. Wondering if your child might possess some of these traits? 


The Institute for Educational Advancement provides a list of common traits of a gifted learner. 

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