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The Warlords Puzzle - This book is set in ancient China, the story brings to life the puzzle of the tangram. An artist presents a warlord with a gift of a beautiful blue tile. However, when the artist accidentally drops the tile it breaks into seven pieces and he is unable to put it back together again. Exploring fractions with Tangrams is a lot of fun. 

Full House: An Invitation to Fractions - This book helps introduce the concept of a fraction of a whole and is easy to extend to adding and multiplying fractions. Miss Bloom runs the Strawberry Inn, and she loves visitors: she has one room for herself, “and five for her guests” - “six rooms in all for a cozy night’s rest.”  As the guests begin to check in for the night, the story explains what fraction of the Inn is occupied, until all six rooms are taken and it’s a full house.

Picture Pie - Art or math?  Why not both!  Ed Emberly’s classic Picture Pie is the perfect basis for a fun, engaging art lesson, and a sneaky introduction to or reinforcement of students’ knowledge and understanding of fractions.

Inchworm and a Half - In this story an inchworm happily measures various vegetables in the garden until one day she discovers that she cannot measure a cucumber that is more than two, but less than three, worms long. Luckily a worm half her length appears and together they are able to measure the cucumber. As the story progresses the inchworm also enlists the help of  1/3-inch and 1/4-inch worms in her quest to measure all the vegetables in her garden. 

The Lion's Share - When the lion presents a beautiful cake for dessert at a party, the animals “share” the cake in a most unequal way. The elephant takes half of the original cake and passes on the remaining half. The hippo takes half of that piece, and passes the remainder to the gorilla who takes another half, an eighth of the original. The cake continues around the table, each animal continuing to take half, until it reaches the ant who receives a crumb to share with her kind host.

Sir Cumference and the Fraction Faire - Join Sir Cumference and the gang for more wordplay, puns, and problem solving in the clever math adventure that introduces readers to the concept of fractons. Sir Cumference and Lady Di discover "Fracton numbers" while purchasing cloth and cheese at the Fracton Faire. While two-fourths may seem like the same as one-half, in truth it denotes two parts of one-half, or two quarters of the whole.

Whole -y Cow -  Fractions Are Fun - Learning about fractions isn't always easy, but who says it can't be fun? Using one very entertaining cow, math teacher Taryn Souders has devised a very clever (and fun) way of explaining fractions to beginning learners. One whole cow, calmly eating hay, decided to act differently on this particular day.

Fractions in Disguise introduces equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers. The main character, George Cornelius Factor (GCF… get it?!) is on the hunt for a certain fraction that has been disguised by the evil Dr. Brock, who often turns fractions like 3/6 into 1/2 or 6/12. GCF must figure out how to find the hidden fraction using his math skills.

More Than One - When is 1 more than one? This book begins with the line: One sun in the sky. One whale in the water. Can One be more than 1? The book asks questions that encourage students to consider when one is more than one. 

Only One - This book also explores the idea of something being both many and one at the same time. There may be 100 patches, but there is only one quilt. There may be 8 horses, but there is only one merry-go-round. Some would argue that understanding "what counts as one, is one of the most important questions in elementary mathematics. 


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