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Online tools for learning and practice can be fun and useful to supplement a rich, interactive math curriculum. However, learning is a social endeavor and students learn to become mathematically fluent by doing real math, solving problems in real-world contexts, and by learning to explain their thinking to others. The support and engagement of other people play a crucial role in the development of higher level mathematical thinking.


Allowing students to spend too much time working on math in isolation, on paper, and on screens does not encourage students to reveal to us or to themselves where their misconceptions or misunderstandings lie. It does not allow them to benefit from hearing and seeing what mathematical fluency looks like in others. If they don’t have to speak math, few people really know the extent of their math proficiency.  

Games and Tools for Skill and Fact Practice

  • CoolMathGames is an awesome site with a terrible name. This site has some real gems hidden in it. Bloxorz is a favorite game of mine. 

  • MathsFrameUK free arcade style games for math fact practice. There are other tools for purchase but many are free. 

  • Toy Theater free simple games for math practice for elementary. 
  • Class Playground has many interactive math tools like balances, clocks, grids, geoboards, fraction strips, and more. It also has many free printables. 

  • SolveMe Puzzles has a ton of riddle and algebraic thinking puzzles. It also allows for customization and sharing of puzzles you make. 

  • has free games and worksheets for math practice.  You can search by grade or content. 

  • Math Playground free online games for math practice. More than basic facts. It does include some logic tasks and short videos that explain basic math concepts. 

  • AdditionBlocks game is fun for building fact fluency in addition and multiplication.

Resources for Problem Solving,

Puzzles, and Deep Thinking

Tools and Tasks to Build Conceptual Understanding and Number Sense

People, Places, and Other

Mathy Sites That I Like

  • Youcubed is a top-of-the-list favorite site. Jo Boaler's site has a little bit of everything. Great problems, tasks, tools, games, articles, books, etc. It is created by a small group of people working to get as many free and inspiring maths ideas out to teachers and learners as possible.

  • Graham Fletcher is a math educator who does an excellent job sharing his ideas about teaching and learning math. I especially appreciate the videos he made on math progressions. 

  • Mathrecreation is a blog by a guy named Dan. He enjoys thinking about collecting ideas about math and education. I appreciate his post on multiplication.  He maintains an awesome resource and inspiration reference list. 

  • Vi Hart is a mathemusician and philosopher known primarily for work in mathematics, musical structure, and social justice. Vi has publications in computational geometry, symmetry, mathematics and music, mathematical art, and math education. I've been watching her videos for years and really enjoy her. 

  • SineoftheTimes is a blog with hundreds of curriculum ideas across grades K-12 that showcase Web Sketchpad.

  • Math = Love is a blog by educator, Sarah Carter. She's got a great list of puzzles, a collection of math jokes, and an awesome list of practice routines.  

  • Fraction Talks is a site dedicated to providing geometric images to facilitate open-ended discussions about fractions.  I do love all things math talks. 

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